Daltek group a.s.

Daltek Group Inc. is a trading company dealing in stainless-steel and metallurgical materials.

We supply particularly Czech market with seamless and welded pipes, fittings for tubes, bends, reductions, T-pieces and flanges (mainly from stainless steel).

We also provide our regular customers with supplies of steel sheets, rounded steel, flats, hexagonal and profile steel.

All the materials come from renowned European and Asian manufacturers.

We operate in the field of energetics, chemical industry and engineering and in the sphere of construction and maintenance.

Since 1997 we offer to the customers, along with hight-quality goods, our knowledge and experience in the field of metallurgy.

Our store of seamless pipes and fittings in Velky Tynec near Olomouc provides our Czech and Slovak business partners with a guarantee of prompt and smooth solution to their immediate needs.

In case of a momentary lack of goods in stock, we are able to deliver the required material from our suppliers as soon as possible.

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